20 and Counting


An introduction to Birdsong 

The Dawn Chorus from Greenfield Gardens


Phoebe Kent

May 6th 2017


‘Look! They’re back! Look!’      As we stood in the cold drizzle, listening to Brett Westwood and the birds, one of the group spotted three swifts overhead.  The first of the year for most of us and proof (according to the poet, Ted Hughes) that …’the globe’s still working’.



The aim was to identify 20 different species and in 1 hour 20 minutes we managed 22.  Not bad for a little town park.  

Another highlight was the Stock Dove. 


Huge thanks to Simon for organising it and to Brett for being so informative.  Brett has a formidable task ahead presenting Radio 4’s International Dawn Chorus for around 7 hours tomorrow morning.

Fingers crossed we will be doing this again soon.

Phoebe Kent

Many thanks to Phoebe for keeping notes for Brett and to everyone that came along.

This is by no means complete list of the birds and wildlife that we get in Greenfield Gardens, we are regularly visited by Badgers, Foxes, Buzzards, Red Kites to name a few. 

Below is a list what we did see or hear from 6am to around 7:20am.

Clicking on each bird name will take you to the RSPB site and give you information and birdsong for that bird.




Carrion crow


Lesser Black-Backed Gull

Wood pigeon



Song Thrush




Blue tit

Stock Dove


Coal tit



House sparrow

Rock dove (or Feral pigeon) 

Mistle thrush

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